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De-Cluttering Your Home

Years of accumulating and hoarding takes time to organise and it is often only with expert guidance that true results are found. The transformation reclaims your home, relieving stress and freeing up your mind to new possibilities.

Coming from both a nursing and property perspective I have the time, sensitivity and tools to transform your home.

Clearing can be exhausting so I recommend working together for 4 hours with the option of building up. That way you feel in control at every stage, and can release the clutter and start afresh.

My services are perfect if:

  • you would like more space
  • you are unable to find what you need
  • wish to be more organised
  • have overflowing cupboards or rooms you are unable to face going into
  • you feel overwhelmed by the task ahead
  • are looking to sell items and generate more money
  • you are downsizing out of a property

I work with people who need a helping hand to those overwhelmed by clutter*. Every project is unique and designed completely to your needs. I offer packages based around a half day (4hrs) or whole day’s rate (8hrs) with travel up to one hour included. Call me for more information: 07729 189 410 / 01206 370 197.

*I am untrained to work with those diagnosed with OCD and hoarding although I can recommend an excellent company.

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