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Rental Properties

As a Landlord it is important to optimise the yield of your properties by:

Maximising your rental rates
Minimising time between tenants

I can assist you by professionally preparing your property for renting.

Step 1: From transforming the property to overseeing the listings, I can assist you to gain maximum rent in line with current market value. With the majority of people viewing online and 90% making a decision in the first 10 seconds, presentation is paramount.

Step 2: Research shows that professionally preparing a property for selling can speed up the sale by 75%, if that is carried across to renting, the money saved in down time between tenants will make a considerable difference to your overall income.

Step 3: Presentation is key in sourcing the optimum choice of tenants for yourself.

With this three step approach I can assist you to maximise your rental yield, call me on 07729 189 410 / 01206 370 197 and start the transformation today.