Terms & Conditions

Fiona Hitchins – PropertyNurse

Terms and Conditions for Residential, Commercial, DeCluttering and Refurbishment Services.

The Client: The individual or company engaging the services and a report in the Service Level Agreement for House Selling Preparation, Decluttering or Light Refurbishment from Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse.

A ‘Service Level Agreement’ is deemed to be a written or verbal contract for what is required as part of any of the named services, given above, between Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse and the Client. This includes telephone, mobile, Skype and email agreements.

Any ‘report’ or ‘service’ is provided by Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse for the Client by their request and as our verbal and/or written confirmation in the form of a Service Level Agreement between myself and the Client.

Terms and Conditions:
1. All prices are VAT free.
2. A Deposit of 50% of total cost will be required by the Client at the time of signing the Service Level Agreement. The final 50% payment is to be made after handover of any report or completion of services agreed. If the contract is terminated by the Client for any reason then the deposit will be kept by Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse. However, if Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse terminates the contract for any reason, other than
Number 18 of the Terms and Conditions, then the Client’s Deposit will be refunded.
3. Invoices are to be paid in full, by cash or electronic transfer in £ pound sterling, and funds cleared within seven (7) days after the completion of services and/or report given.
4. Any applicable bank charges in respect of alternative payment method (PayPal) where required and/or processing time will be included in the final payment.
5. If any Invoices are unpaid and Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse has not been contacted to say there is a delay in payment, she will pursue payment via a Debt Recovery Agent. If any Invoice remains unpaid, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse will continue to recover payment via the Court and any costs involved to do so.
6. I, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse will make recommendations for house selling preparation for the Client’s property with attention to presentation and marketing for maximum results.
7. I, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse will utilise my knowledge, expertise, and contacts (where necessary) for the Client in respect of the services I provide.
8. I, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse will be sensitive to the needs of the Client and what they would like to achieve to ensure the process is as stress free as possible.
9. I, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse offer a completely confidential and professional service.
10. Myself, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse and the Client will agree and sign a Service Level Agreement to determine the service/report to be carried out and each other’s responsibilities prior to any recommendations given and/or work carried out.
11. My, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse recommendations are designed to be carried out by the Client to give the best opportunity to achieve maximum results. However, I, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse am unable to guarantee that my recommendations will achieve full maximum value due to external variables including and not limited to changes in the Housing market.
12. Any photographic evidence taken by myself, Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse will be utilised as a visual aid for writing recommendations and a report and will not be demonstrated on any social media or website without prior and written consent of the Client.
13. No private or public filming, videos or photographs to be taken by the Client, or by an Estate Agent, television and/or radio production or other person(s) whilst Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse is undertaking work on site of the property or during telephone and/or Skype contact without prior and written consent.
14. Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse will not be involved in the manual handling or packing of any furniture, furnishings, ornaments, pictures, crockery, tools, toys, cutlery, sharps or sharp items, machinery, vehicles, waste products, etc from a Client’s property.
15. Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse reserves the right to obtain legal advice or information in respect of services or a report required for the Client. Any costs will be agreed with the Client prior to being undertaken and paid.
16. Any separate services required e.g. decorator, gardener, builder, etc. will have their own agreements and fees directly with the Client in respect of works to be carried out unless prior written consent between the Client and Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse.
17. Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse will not be held liable for any illegal use of her services.
18. Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse reserves the right to withdraw her services with the Client’s use of obscene profanity, any illegal activity, drug use and drug paraphernalia, the consumption of drugs and alcohol, hate, violence, racial or ethnic intolerance.
19. Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse will not be held liable for any changes in the property market or Client situation that affect the sale of the Client property after recommendations have been actioned. Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse shall only be liable for any/and all loss reasonably suffered by the Client directly in relation to the relevant Service Level Agreement and only up to the maximum value of the relevant Service Level Agreement but excluding in relation to the sale price of the property.
20. Fiona Hitchins PropertyNurse gives recommendations based on the best of her knowledge and abilities and thus can give no monetary guarantee for the sale of the Client’s property.

This construct is governed by English Law and any dispute or claim is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.